We are harnessing the power of sustainable, quality-driven growth to continue enhancing the value we bring to our customers.

  • To be market leaders in different market fields
  • Provide products and sourcing from reputed companies
  • Orientation for mutually beneficial cooperation
  • The preferred supplier of our customers
  • Consultation in Oil and Petrochemical industries
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Our vision is to be the company that the best satisfies the product, service and self- fulfilment needs of the Iranian people
  • Our motivated teams of oil, petrochemical, and food experts combine global experience, proprietary approaches and insights to help clients respond to changes in the market and unlock significant value. We’re prepared to discuss the market’s key challenges, including price volatility, as well as the opportunities related to cost and productivity, supply chain and more
  • Quality: great products and service; the continuous improvement of quality
  • Completeness: The highest standards in all our actions
  • Our company was established in 2018. We represent several major manufacturers of chemical raw materials in European and Asian markets. Our experience enable us to address the complex needs of our partners quickly and efficiently